Snickers has been riffing on the ‘you are not you when you are hungry’ theme for a while and India is no exception. The latest salvo from the brand sees people morphing into different personality types, answering the question who are you when you are hungry.Indians can now pick packs that either represent who they are when they are hungry or pass them on to friends who match the description, with options like Pakau, Cry Baby, LaatSahab and Drama Queen to choose from. We spoke to Yogesh Tewari, marketing director, Mars Chocolate for a deeper insight into the campaign.See the films here:TubelightNautanki

ConfusedHow did the idea the pack representing different types of hungry people come about?

This is a tried and tested idea, launched in the US. It has moved to multiple markets. We felt it was the right time since Snickers is a big brand and we’ve been following the global campaign. We went with 19 different hunger states in four different languages. Depending on our experience, we will add more languages if we do it again.

How much local leeway do you have to interpret the advertising?

There’s a lot of leeway. We try to make our campaigns as locally relevant as possible. We’ve changed the tagline to ‘who are you when you are hungry’ which is a lot more relevant, but the proposition at the core is unchanged.

The films have been created by Bottle Openers. Have you moved on from working with RK Swamy BBDO?

We’ve not shifted agencies. This is an activation where we felt we needed to start digital outwards and in partnership with our group of agencies, we developed this. Brand custodians at the agency have been part of the process, as have the global stakeholders.

How has the campaign been doing so far?

It’s still early days, but we’ve noticed organic conversations happening especially in the south.

What’s the target base like? Are there any distinct demographic skews?

Hunger is relevant for everyone. But from a creative perspective, the campaign talks closer to urban millennials male and female, between 15 and 30.

Is Snickers currently your biggest brand?

It is. We launched the first campaign in 2008 to 2009. We’ve been committed to investing resources setting up a manufacturing plant in Pune. We localised the brand and launched a vegetarian recipe at Rs 10.

What about the other brands in your folio?

As of now, most resources are behind Snickers since there’s a huge opportunity to explode the brand and give consumer the real taste of choc. We are committed to launching our global brands: we launched Doublemint last year and a few months ago, launched M&Ms, the No 1 chocolate brand in the world.


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