SNICKERS launch ‘prank’ ad featuring Dhoni


In a bid to cash in the excitement growing around the cricket World Cup 2019 chocolate brand SNICKERShas teamed up with brand ambassador, MS Dhoni and pranked fans around the world.

Building on the brand’s global philosophy, ‘You Are Not You When You’re Hungry’, the prank kicked off with Dhoni telling fans that he will be giving up cricket to pursue his childhood dream of being a painter. He even went on to reveal some of his artwork (including what he called a ‘self-portrait’) for his fans.

According to the new ‘prank’ campaign, “Dhoni’s decision to give up cricket had the entire country in shock until this morning. The cricketer again took to camera, and clarified that he made the announcement when he was hungry. At the end of the video, all is well again as he takes a bite of a SNICKERS bar and rethinks his ‘hungry decision’.”

The videos successfully reiterate that ‘hunger ache achhon ko badal deta’ and that India’s beloved cricketer is no different. 

Speaking on the new videos, Yogesh Tewari, marketing director, Mars Wrigley Confectionery, said, “Since its launch in India, SNICKERS has effectively established itself as a solution to hunger cravings and developed a strong base of loyal consumers. The brand is known for its quirky, tongue-in-cheek personality and the fun prank with brand ambassador MS Dhoni was the perfect representation of the brand’s values. Fans never expected Dhoni would play such a prank on them. But even Captain Cool can lose his cool when hungry! Hunger pangs can get to the best of us, and for that we can always grab a SNICKERS.”


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