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Mars Edge And Foodspring To Pioneer Personalized Nutrition

When we started Mars Edge, we set out to contribute to better lives through nutrition. 

Since then, we have started to bring that vision to life through the GoMo™ brand (for targeted nutrition in India) and Cocoavia® (a cocoa extract-based dietary supplement).

But it has always been a key ambition of ours to build a presence in personalized nutrition. 

It’s one of the fastest growing territories worldwide, becoming a game changer for the way consumers eat. Fuelled by mega-trends such as rising health awareness, improved digital capabilities, scientific breakthroughs and the ability to personalize products, we see great promise ahead.  

So we are very excited to have announced today that foodspring, a direct-to-consumer targeted nutrition company, is set to join the Mars Edge family. 

foodspring was founded by entrepreneurs Philipp Schrempp and Tobias Schüle in 2013. Based in Berlin, it is now one of the largest and fastest growing targeted nutrition businesses in Europe.

It offers on-trend, evidence-based and data-driven products for consumers with needs around sports performance, healthy living and shape. It has also built a nutrition and fitness platform, with a dedicated “Coach” section, a stand-alone content site on fitness and nutrition, a recommendation engine – “Body Check” – which guides consumers to product choices to take, as well as access to nutritionists through its customer service team.

You might expect our companies to be quite different: One is a six-year-old start-up based in Berlin, the other a global enterprise with over a century of heritage.

But it was clear from the start of discussions that foodspring would be a great fit with us. Our visions and passions are very similar – much like how we at Mars Edge want to better lives through nutrition, foodspring operates under the principle that “the right food is the key for a fitter, happier and more productive life”.

The sheer depth of knowledge on consumer needs brought by foodspring is a great asset, and its expertise across digital know-how, branding and food innovation will help us to work together to pioneer the emerging space of personalized nutrition. 

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